March 2013

15th Annual Wheelchair Basketball Tournament

Created by rahim on Sun, 03/31/2013 - 22:58

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- To get around in a wheelchair is no easy task, and Saturday afternoon a group of college students learned how it is to play a sport with the physical handicap.

Birthday girl Lady Gaga rocks and rolls in new Louis Vuitton wheelchair after trading in 24-carat gold ride

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When it comes to a set of wheels, Lady Gaga sure has expensive taste.

The star has traded in her custom 24-carat-gold Mordekai wheelchair designed by Ken Borochov for a Louis Vuitton creation that she took for a spin through the streets of Chicago on Thursday.

Lady Gaga gets new wheelchair

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LADY Gaga got a new Louis Vuitton wheelchair in time to celebrate her 27th birthday

Easter egg hunt for blind children comes to Peninsula

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"I hear it!" said the Surry Elementary School kindergartner who has been legally blind since birth. He cracked open the chirping, ostrich-sized egg, flipped the beeper off and dashed toward a green egg emitting a loud series of beeps.

Gallery: Easter Egg hunt for visually impaired children

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Children at the Perkins School for the Blind have taken part in the annual easter egg hunt on the school’s campus in Watertown, Massachusetts, USA.

Giving back the gift of hearing

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Cadyn Beard, 2, and another boy became the first ever people in Brazos Valley to undergo procedures to receive cochlear implants, which are designed to improve their hearing.

Deaf employees in the workforce

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There were no deaf children where I grew up, no deaf children where I went to school.

There was no hearing impairment I can remember in my family, no deaf personnel serving in the military where I was assigned.

So it's no surprise that I was also unaware that March 12 to April 15 is Deaf History Month. It celebrates the history of deaf people and important dates in the development of the deaf community in America. It calls to mind my own experiences with deaf people, who have given me an appreciation for hearing impaired Americans.

Hearing impairment doesn't stop these hockey players

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Trey Wilson can't hear the crowd applaud when he scores a goal, and he has scored quite a few since he discovered hockey was a perfect outlet for his energy.

The 25-year-old left wing from Riverside was born deaf, which means he can't hear the crunch of skates on ice or the shrill tweet of a referee's whistle, sounds as integral to hockey as pucks and sticks.

New software to issue disability certificate

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PUNE: Persons with disabilities can now get computer-based disability certificates at the Sassoon General Hospital which has got the software that helps eliminate fake ones.

The 'Software for Assessment of Disability, Maharashtra' (SADM) issues a unique identification number to do away with the problem of bogus disability certificates. It became operational recently in 42 civil and government medical college hospitals across the state.

Poverty and disability: too close for comfort?

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Over one billion people worldwide have some form of disability. More than 70% of people with disabilities live in developing countries, and the World Health Organisation estimates that 575 million live below the poverty line. Preventable illnesses, such as measles and polio, cause many of these disabilities; deprived living conditions, malnutrition and lack of healthcare during pregnancy or birth, natural disasters, famine and civil war add to the numbers.