Artists' works shows the creative side of mental illness

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Kirstin Fawcett/MEDILL - Robert Lundin is co-founder of "The Awakenings Review", a Chicago literary journal featuring the work of mentally ill writers from across the world.Whether or not Fernando Ramirez’s surrealistically bright portraits resemble his subjects is in the eye of the beholder.

Subjects posed behind his drawing board can’t see the 35-year-old artist’s fingers skirt across a piece of paper as he sketches countenances into existence. But they can be sure that the end result – their torsos rendered in panoply of shades ranging from puce to persimmon – will vibrate color.  

“I use every color I can imagine,” said Ramirez, who works with Project Onward, a city-sponsored art studio and gallery at the Chicago Cultural Center.

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