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The training course for coaches "Advancing the counseling and coaching skills in organizational development" was held in the Tau-Turan health complex, Almaty region, January 28 - February 1, 2013. The training was held under the project "Empowering" implemented by the ARGO (Association for Civil Society Development) with the USAID financial support.

The purpose of this training was to train the coaches on organizational development of the non-governmental organizations. To gain the knowledge and skills on organizational development; the development of basic skills for coaching the seminars and trainings; and counseling knowledge and skills for further application were the key goals of this training. The training was delivered by Marat Aymagambetov and Tatiana Sedova.

Lyazzat Kaltayeva, Chairperson, Shyrak, Association of Women with Disabilities opened the training with a session "Current understanding of disability: ethics and terminology." The primary purpose of her session was to develop a common understanding and approach to the disability phenomenon in the project team, based on the social model of disability and legal approach. The session goal was to overcome the stereotypes and myths that infringe the rights and dignity of individuals with disabilities and to provide practical advice for dealing with individuals with various disabilities.


The participants were trained on the basics of coaching and counseling skills for NGOs operating in the field of organizational development. In the course of the training sessions a lot of hands-on exercises were provided to be used by the participants in the future.


The training was attended by the members of ARGO partner organizations such as Rakish, the Association of Women with Disabilities; Namys, the Public Association of Individuals with Higher Education; and the ASRIV (Public Association of Social Workers, Individuals with Disabilities and Volunteers) from Almaty, as well as the non-governmental organizations from other Kazakhstani cities including Bereke, Public Association,  Shymkent; Ecocenter, Non-Governmental Organization, Karaganda; Decenta, Public Association, Pavlodar; Help, Public Association, Kostanai; and SMEDA (Small and Medium Entrepreneurship Development Agency), Public Association, Aktobe. Upon completion of the training all participants have been awarded the certificates.


Informal socializing, joint outings and games helped the participants to make friends and promote the team spirit and mutual cooperation. The trained consultants will hold the trainings sessions and consultations on organizational development for 20 NGOs and individuals with disabilities in five different regions of Kazakhstan.


This project was launched in August 2012, and aimed to increase the capacity of 20 non-governmental organizations of individuals with disabilities in the Republic of Kazakhstan through strengthening the capacity of three partner organizations to facilitate the establishment of a network of local organizations of individuals with disabilities; improve their effectiveness in providing services to individuals with disabilities; and support gender equality and the rights of individuals with disabilities.